About Us

Coherence was founded to help developers get their jobs done faster and with less pain.

Our first product allows developers to run any of their code distributed across many servers with two extra lines of code. It's infrastructure as code taken to it's limit, integrating completely into your application's code.

Letter from the Founder

Bryan Thornbury, founder of Coherence API

Bryan Thornbury has founded 3 companies and worked on .NET at Microsoft. His apps and websites have millions of users and have reached the top 50 on Android and iOS.

I have been building websites, apps, and their required infrastructure for about ten years now. Despite the fact that many great tools have arisen to make managing large scale infrastructure easier, developers are facing a real problem.

With the advent of so many great tools, there is an explosion of information that any competent developer must digest. To make applications in the "modern" way can require weeks of study of a myriad of systems with documentation of varying quality. Weeks of studying systems that may be obsolete in a few years.

I believe that the amount of information you can take in, process, and then turn into productive code, is one of the largest limiting factor for developers. The key to making developers successful is making systems that dramatically lessen the information load, while offering all of the same benefits.

Coherence API is the first product establishing this vision. We are going to make the dev life easier. Stay tuned for more.

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