Costs less than building infrastructure.


$ 9/mo
Compute Hours
GB App Build Cache
Per Excess Compute Hour


$ 99/mo
Compute Hours
GB App Build Cache
Per Excess Compute Hour


$ ???
A plan specialized to fit your needs.

Pricing Info

About Compute Hours
You are charged at a rate measured in hours, which varies depending on your plan, and how much RAM is reserved for the instance. The above rate is for jobs using 1GB of RAM. A job with 256MB would cost 1/4 as much, and a job with 2GB of RAM 2 times as much.
What is a GB-Hour?
A GB-Hour is an hour of compute time for a job with 1GB of ram. For example, a job with 512MB running for 4 hours amounts to 2 GB-Hours. Jobs can currently specify 128MB - 4GB.
What is the App Build Cache?
The app build cache greatly speeds up the re-build time of your application on coherence’s servers by preventing duplicate uploads. This is especially important during development and debugging.